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Help Center - Sohu originalIPhone4SiPad2iPad3 iOS5.1.1 released

Question: what is theVIP system ?Answer: A ,VIP membership system statement: Sohu original to the development of global Internet Chinese literature for the purpose ,in order to make the readers and the authors can get better creation environment and the original exchange environment ,Sohu original reality VIP membership .
In two ,VIP obligations :VIP members should abide by the principle of good faith ,for the reading of the VIP content of works has not spread and non-disclosure obligation, do not use VIP is for various violations of the rights and interests of Sohu and activities ,do not use VIP reading by hand ,OCR or transmission of document type and other damage author membership benefits ,if intent ,negligence or the custody account carelessly, resulting the account by reading the VIP content is transmitted or leaked ,the Sohu has the right to cancel the account VIP qualification process ,and its own virtual integration will be cancelled .
The circumstances are serious, the lifetime ban account login Sohu ,details can click here to read the VIP user agreement .In three ,VIP membership system found purpose :Sohu original since its inception ,louboutin,many avid reader support ,christian louboutin,become press ,reader ,author of three party platform .
In order to provide a better environment for the creation ,has more excellent works and readers to meet, in order to provide readers a better original communication environment ,Sohu original implementation of VIP membership ,lovers of literature to build a more influential web platform and communicate community together .
Four ,contact and consultation :contact telephone number :95105959:general readers and VIP readers : what ?Answer: VIP readers can pay to read VIP books ,the ordinary user can read free public chapter books .
Ask :how to become a VIP subscribers ?Answer: recharge success becomes a VIP user .1 ,the renminbi and the exchange ratio of Sohu original virtual currency : 1 yuan=100 original coin 2 ,VIP subscribers :1)the right to per thousand 3 originalcurrency price read the original VIP works content .
Insufficient thousand words by word four to five homes in charge ;2)by using the original coin ,can advance reading sohu.com exclusive contract works sections; 3)are eligible to participate in the annual awards will be held all kinds of VIP ,voting .
3 ,note :1)registered users can directly through the charge and pay ,automatically upgraded to VIP member ;2)a registered user can recharge renewals system every time not less than 1 centsless than 1000RMByuan recharge renewals ;3)must obtain the VIP membership fees to section read works .
As appears as a member of VIP still can read the charges when the sections ,please exit and log back in time ;4)with Sohu VIP qualifications, accounts within the original coin is consumed and to renew it ,do not need to apply for VIP qualification ;5)the partial charges of chapters as VIP users welfare free subscription ,the power setting in the the author of the book ;6)works number calculation to Sohu original counting system .
Ask :paying users how to subscribe VIP work ?Answer: there are 3 ways 1works on VIPhome page ,click the Subscribe button or automatically subscribe button to complete the VIP works subscriptions; 2 loginVIP works list page ,click the Subscribe button ;3 logonindividual center ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,my bookcase ,bookshelf in VIP ,open the VIP books ,to subscribe .
Note: the original VIP Sohu pay to read online version ,download .Q: why I can read VIP work ?Answer: may be the following circumstances caused by the 1landingstate is abnormal ,please confirm whether the correct login original channel ;2 accountbalance is insufficient ,please recharge ;3very rare casesdue to your web browser to display the page or problems caused by .
Ask :enter VIP sections, why only see garbled ?Answer: This is because the browser code error .Open this page in a browser ,select the coding - Simplified Chinese ( or traditional Chinese ) ,don automatic selection ,generally normal display page .
Ask :enter VIP sections,louboutin pas cher, only the navigation bar ,following a blank? Answer: when the browser font is set too large ,and is set to not use webpage custom fonts ,will produce this kind of phenomenon .
The font is changed into the medium ,allowing the use of webpage custom fonts ,you can solve the problem .Ask :after reading a VIP sections, look at these chapters also need to pay again ?Answer: do not need .
Q: if I do not want to pay ,can read VIP work ?Answer: VIP chapters open by the author himself ,such as not paying ,you can wait patiently for the lifting of the ban a VIP chapters and authors reading .
In the end I was fat in the 2012-5-30 17:03 editor explain above all, break before it is best to use iTunes or other tool to backup your data to prevent loss there is the official description is the best you back up data, the heavy brush once the firmware, or settings - General - reduction - erase all content and settings.
This break will more quickly, and then after a break again before the backup can enjoy the vermouth, 2.Secondly, the prison break support equipment list is as follows, and the need for iOS5.1.1 system version support list: iPhone 3Gs iPhone 4 iPhone 4 CDMA iPhone 4S iPad 1 iPad 2 Wifi/GSM/CDMA iPad 3 Wifi/CDMA/Global iPod Touch 3G iPod Touch 4G AppleTV 2 iOS5.
1.1 full range of firmware download address: r r r iPhone 4 the latest version of iOS5.1.1 (9B208) firmware download address: Absinthe 2.0.4 supports iPad 2,4 -iPad2 WiFi R2 untethered (new model) type MC954 or MC989 to download address: r r absinthe the latest version 2.
0.2 Download: support for iPhone 4iOS5.1.1 (9B208) perfect prison break download address: absinthe the latest version 2.0.1 download: repair of some BUG, prison break stagnation problem, already a successful escape the user does not need to escape from prison, new users recommended a new version 2.
0.1win local download 2.0.1mac version download: local version of win jailbreak tool download version: MAC jailbreak tool download: r r r r first opened the extracted files, run absinthe-win-2.0 will be a DOS window interface after the operation will generate an absinthe-win-2.
0 folder and then click ABSThe inthe-win-2.0 folder in the absinthe jailbreak, is connected to your device after escape button you can click click JailBreak waiting for the schedule to walk can be completed prison break occur following tips that have escaped over =============================== ================================================== this time your device will appear on Cydia.
Said the following about how to install IPA crack patch's first entry into the Cydia will load a file, please keep the screen light.If at this time the black screen of screen then there would be problems such as Cydia loading after loading the file later, will cancel once, and then again in the Cydia, select your identity, select the user and then wait for the Cydia refresh.
Click on the lower right corner of the management.Then select the software source and then point to the upper right corner of the editor and the upper left corner of the added and then enter the apt.178.
com will pop up a warning, this time is still added and then wait for the refresh is completed, then wait for the bottom of return can be cydia.Then point lower right corner of the search,Louboutin Pas Cher, enter the AppSync, and then select for iOS5.
0+ and then click into the upper right corner of the installation.Then the upper right corner of the confirmation of waiting for download after the installation is completed, click restart SpringBoard, waiting for the cancellation of finished, IPA crack patch is installed, you can install the IPA synchronization solution, said here, release the jailbreak software when God said, please do not use the pirated software, I also say, we try to support you with genuine.
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In 2010 section of 1.6LE-MT Buick Excelle Sohu auto quote image parametersSafe b

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2011 1.6 TOP AT offer picture parameters Yuet modern Sohu automo

Car: 2011,Christian Louboutin Outlet, 1.6 GLMT 2011MT1.6GLS2011AT2011GLS1.6GL1.6AT2011MT1.6TOP2011AT1.8GLS1.6TOP2011MT2011GLS1.8TOP1.8AT2011MT2011AT1.8GLS2010MT1.6GL1.6GL2010AT 20101.6 GLSMT 2010 1.6 GLSAT 2010 1.8 GLSMT 2010GLSAT 1.
8fullcar buying :net price :million purchase tax :conventional insurance :element contains other total cost of about million loans to purchase a car : the amount of down payment with
credit insurance and guarantee fee ) paid three to four :50%six into the repayment period :half a year two years Three years five years the amount of down payment amount for the month
Car:2012Jun Rui 2.0Sshine version 2012 200EElite Edition 2012classic 200Gversion 2012 2.0GDeluxe 2012 2.0GNavi luxury version of the navigation of 2012 Chun Rui2.5Satom version 2012 2.5GDeluxe Version 2012 2.
5GNavi luxury version of the navigation 2012Jun Rui 2.5SNavi integrated navigation edition 2012 2.5VNavi .Navigation edition 2012 2.5QG-BOOK ultimate A full car buying :net price :million
purchase tax :conventional insurance :element contains other total cost of about million loans to purchase a car : the amount of down payment with credit insurance and guarantee fee
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To Jane Zhang to retain her 27 years and great dreams - Sohu Vid

Beijing broadcasting network Jane Zhang visit Beijing music radio "Chinese pop chart", Beijing broadcasting network full audio, video, as well as a micro-blog live, give fans a close contact with her.Scene White Costume Liangying almost no Shi Fendai, very fresh, talked about her upcoming album "LIVE listen to Jane Zhang" couldn't look very happy,Christian Louboutin Outlet, relaxed and lively atmosphere and interaction with fans, let her conversation,louboutin pas cher, more in the broadcast booth speak out her next great desire, is have personal concert venue.
Super hard spot effect transfiguration "desperately Sanniang" into music for seventh years, Jane Zhang return to the original music dream -- invited fans together to record LIVE album.Let always support her, silently listen to her fans, and she finished together an album, the dream of becoming a part of the LIVE event.
Reportedly, she and the band rehearsed 11 times, even more than a concert, but it is on the details of the critical to success in today's Jane Zhang."(to live recording) may need to ensure that certain state, but I could not live, rehearsal, say sorry, I may have to whisper a jukebox, a song to sing half, cannot but began to sing loudly.
"This is Jane Zhang.Deductive beyond imagination there were tears the soon to be released "to Jane Zhang" LIVE album,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, around the regression vocal theme, put aside nowadays music elements, post-production package, adopt synchronous radio recordings, let the fans felt she bring the most direct real shock and moved, to show the most essential vocal charm.
Via voice,christian louboutin pas cher, performers and audience without time difference of interaction with each other, with both joy, pleasure feedback, cool or warm, always let her enchanted.But fans claimed the scene Jane Zhang has tears, asked the reason, Liangying explained, because singing feeling too much input, "the day is devoted to almost forgot there is live audience, feel eyes a little wet, after singing a little pause I need a towel, because I am afraid I'll become a panda.
"Aggressive desire: I just want one to belong to own the site about unfulfilled dreams, Jane Zhang said, "I just want to have their own site, then I want to how to install can be installed would not say this place can't drop things, that place can not swing, and then transferred to the several o'clock point card; just like me I want to own studio, is because I didn't want to record when I shed no empty, my status is not good when it must be in the studio; want to have his own band, which I think a song with which a musician is special agreement, then tell me sorry today that musicians have notice.
I think music should be more casual in there, too many restrictions and fetters many things will disappear, the inspiration of this thing, the music you want to play it to open, not to feel uncomfortable.
"With the remarkable natural character.Jane Zhang of 27 years old to stay synchronized radio for a singer is a very difficult, not only need early and repeated rehearsal band, also need to have super strength of singing, let be the pink of perfection in a successful concert, and also need to live together with the fans.
This is that many singers have to see and did things, but young Jane Zhang had insisted on trying."I think this is I particularly enjoy once, before also told you before, I think the greatest significance is Jane Zhang of 27 years old is left behind, we listen to the" South Sea Girl "when that word, &lsquo; you must follow me twist?&rsquo; then I forgot I have told this, I first heard cut out when the feeling, oh, my voice so white.
"But this also is LIVE charm, retain a lively 27 year old Jane Zhang.It is reported, in June Jane Zhang will once again join the band to "in the song list", deduce the album version of LIVE.(article /
Name: the Mid-Autumn Festival moon cakes do not forget please forget -918, do not forget the hometown moon;, green time; do not forget; childhood playmates; do not forget the love, parents face; do not forget the old lover, time and space; do not forget,louboutin, once every move and tears.
My friends, please do not forget me; Sohu Community, do not forget it; my country, please never forget that night seventy-four years ago.Don't forget 918, Sohu Community made this cake, for Chinese children and our country.
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Video - Sohu Video Space

In order to create a healthy andcivilized video ,please comply with the following requirements: 1 ,must not upload unauthorized works of others ;2,if the upload the following works are necessary to provide qualified certificates of ownership and upload person identity before upload ( provide for upload scanned and send a copy) :I specializing in the production of movies ,television and other video works ;II upload sports events ,theatrical performances ,television ,network broadcast program ;the hit III films ( which is available within 1 months before and after the film and at the premiere within 1 months before and after the TV Series ) ;IV generally known as director ,actor ,film and television companies ,television producer ,produced or produced or as works ;V was SARFT limited broadcast .
3 ,must not upload any violation of state laws and regulations of the video ;4,must not upload with pornography ,vulgar episodic video ,video is not vulgar words ;5,must not upload a creative advertising video ,must not repeat upload the same video ;6,in violation of provisions to on ,personal account will be permanently frozen ,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin Pas Cher,violate compasses the video will be deleted .
Video upload agreement :1,in terms of the confirmation and acceptance of the user to confirm and accept Sohu network service agreement provisions .2 ,the user is released to video content management user in Sohu released video ,must abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the state ,christian louboutin pas cher,and undertakes all because of his release information caused by the improper civil ,administrative or criminal liability .
Users in the content published in Sohu ,shall contain the following ::violation of the basic principles determined by the constitution ;( 1)endanger State security ,state secrets ,subversion of the state regime ,undermining national unity ;( 2)harm national honor and interests ,attacking the party and government ;( 3)to incite ethnic hatred ,ethnic discrimination ,and undermining national unity ;( 4)undermine national ,regional relations ;( 5)against the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation ,social morality ,ethics ,morality and socialist spiritual civilization ;( 6)to undermine national and religious policies ,promote the cult and feudal superstition ;( 7)spreading rumors or false news ,disturb social order ,undermining social stability ;( 8)instigated ,organization ,abetting terrorism ,illegal assembly ,association ,marches ,demonstrations ,inciting a crowd to disturb social order ;( 9)spreading obscenity ,pornography ,gambling ,violence ,terrorism or abetting the Commission of crimes ;( 10)insult or slander others ,infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests ;( 11)the right of portrait ,name of infringement Name right ,right of reputation ,the right of privacy and other rights of the person ;( 12)the use of abusive ,abusive ,slander, intimidation ,curse and other uncivilized language ;( 13)to an illegal non-governmental organization nominal activity ;( 14)contains the laws ,administrative regulations prohibited other content if the user in Sohu releases video when ,unable to perform and comply with the provisions of the agreement ,for the maintenance of the website image ,credibility ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,security ,this web site reserves the right to delete a user posted the video .
And the agreement for breach of netizens make closed ID ,temporary ,permanent ban on our website video processing .While retaining the right to legal liability shall be investigated according to the law the parties .
The user needs to independently on their own in the online behavior assume legal responsibility .If the user does not act in accordance with the terms of service ,Sohu has the right to make independent judgments to immediately cancel user service account, if the user in the Sohu net spread and propagation of reactionary ,pornography or other violations of state law information ,Sohu system may be recorded as a user law of evidence .
3 ,content ownership sohu.com defined network services include :sohu.com provided text ,pictures ,video ,software ,sound ,video ,graphics ,advertising in its entirety ,email all content and sohu.
com for users to provide additional information .All of these content copyright ,trademark and / or other property rights law protection .Therefore ,the user can only at sohu.com and related rights under the authorization to use these elements ,but not copy ,publish ,broadcast ,reproduced ,adapted ,assembly or otherwise use the content or the content for any other commercial purpose .
Users in the Sohu video upload data, shall be determined on the video has absolute copyright ,or by the copyright permission to publish .The user once in Sohu video upload data ,as the agreed to grant Sohu worldwide permanent ,irrevocable ,free ,non exclusive and licensing rights and licenses, Sohu can use ,copy ,modify ,adapt, publishing ,translation ,to create derivative works ,communication ,performances and shows the contents of all or part of ,and / or use the content in whole or in part in any other form of work ,media and technology .
The user once in Sohu video upload data ,i.e. as its fully licensed Sohu and / or its cooperation operators ( including but not limited to, China Mobile ,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher,China Unicom ,China Telecom and other ) via a wired or wireless network to the user ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,a mobile communication terminal ( including but not limited to the portable communication device such as a mobile phone and an intelligent plate computer ,handheld digital video playing device ) ,television receiving equipment (analog signal receiving apparatus ,digital signal receiving apparatus ,digital television ,IPTV ,with internet access playback equipment ) provides the video data download ,on demand ,data transmission ,mobile video services ( including but not limited to,Louboutin Outlet, SMS ,MMS ,WAP ,IVR ,Streaming ,3G,mobile phone video wireless services ) ,and related publicity and promotion services .
In 4 ,the liability for damages against users to upload their Sohu does not enjoy the relevant rights or containing infringement of third party rights content video .This produces any copyright disputes ,by the user directly with the right people communicate to solve Sohu ,as the third party ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,is not liable for any losses caused to Sohu ,if so ,the user shall bear all liability .
Customer agrees to indemnify and protect the Sohu and three party users interest ,as a result of the user in violation of the relevant laws ,regulations or any provision of this agreement to Sohu or any of the other third losses are caused ,the user agrees to assume all liability for damages resulting therefrom .
Sohu user network services from any direct ,indirect ,incidental ,special and the damage irresponsible ,these lesions may result from : improper use of network service ,buy goods on the Internet or the same type of service ,online transactions ,illegal to use web service or the user to transmit information change .
In 5 ,the other provisions of this agreement in accordance with the provisions of Sohu network service agreement provisions .If the contents of this Agreement and Sohu network service agreement agreement is not consistent ,Louboutin Outlet,with this Agreement shall prevail .
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Han Han called for the abolition of crime o - micr

"O why despite repeated prohibitions?-- after Guizhou,Louboutin Outlet,Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, Lishui, Shaanxi, Zhejiang based in Lueyang,christian louboutin pas cher, Zhejiang Yongkang and the massive whoring student virgin events,Christian Louboutin Outlet, involving many NPC deputies and entrepreneur.
Children's day on June 1st,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin Pas Cher,Louboutin Outlet, Han Han published "micro-blog children's festival",Christian Louboutin Pas Cher, called for the abolition of crime o,Christian Louboutin Outlet, article said: must cancel chases the sleeping young girl crime, I will be with this evil law Sike in the end.
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